Gifted Get Together

Sunday 15th July


CG20, Henry Grattan Building


Next Sunday, families from all over the country will be arriving at Dublin City University for the beginning of CTYI Session 2 and CAT. This is an ideal opportunity for parents to meet up and CTYI has very kindly facilitated us by booking room CG20 for us. This is in the building directly behind the registration area, so will be easy to find.

Not only parents, but anyone else with an interest in joining our Network is very welcome to come along. That includes teachers, psychologists and gifted adults. Our goal is to provide support for each other, to raise awareness of gifted issues and to provide a united voice of advocacy so that the educational, social and emotional needs of gifted children are better recognised and provided for in Ireland.

If you haven’t already registered with the Network, you can do so here.

Map of DCU campus