GEAW 2012

Gifted Education Awareness Week 2012 begins on Monday 27th February.

Please feel free to print and share

Gifted Education Awareness Week leaflet

If you have any news, please let us know and we will post it here. For the moment, here is what is planned:

Monday 27th February

Press release sent to national newspapers.

8.30pm to 9.30pm, #edchatie: Fred Boss of the Irish teachers twitter chat, #edchatie, has kindly agreed to devote this week’s chat to the topic: “gifted children inside and outside the classroom”. Much of the talk around giftedness comes from parents, so it will be very interesting to hear teacher’s views on the subject. Here is an excellent description of #edchatie from Seomra Ranga.

Twitter keep changing their look, so our twitter guide is in need of updating. However, you will get the gist of what it’s about, how to set up an account and how to participate in a chat here.

Transcript of #edchatie. A lively chat, well worth a read!

Tuesday 28th February

A leaflet and flyer  emailed to the Special Needs Coordinator at all schools for dissemination  to colleagues and possibly printing for display on staff noticeboards:

Gifted Education Awareness Week 2012 Leaflet

Tuesday 28th Feb to Friday 2nd March

A series of blogposts written by some of our international friends:

5 Ways to Survive Raising a Gifted Child by Jen Merrill 

My Country Is the World by Roya Klingner

Gifted Education in South Korea  by Gifted Phoenix

A Short Introduction to Gifted Children for Primary Teachers by Peter Lydon

Irish Gifted Education Awareness Week … May the Road Rise to Meet You! by Lisa Conrad

Saturday 3rd March

We are honoured to have an article written by Dr Tracy Cross specially for Gifted Education Awareness Week: Common Endogenous Characteristics of Students With Gifts and Talents. This is well worth reading by both teachers and parents.

CTYI annual conference, 9.30am to 5pm, DCU. Theme: Meeting the Needs of Children Inside and Outside the Classroom. Registration form available here.

Full details and conference 2012 timetable

We will have a table at the conference and a room for use at the lunchbreak so that people can find us for a chat. Be sure and drop by to say hello.



    • Hi Mary,
      This year we are having a Gifted Education Awareness Week, running from Monday 27th February and culminating in the CTYI conference at DCU on Saturday 3rd March. Details coming very soon!

  1. Hi.
    Just wondering if there’s a Gifted Education Awareness Week happening again this year, as happened last March?
    Kind regards,

    • Yes and no! Yes, there will be a Gifted Education Awareness Week. No, it will not be in March. We have decided, for various reasons, that September would be a better time to hold it from now on. See Peter’s latest post, Being Here Is Not Enough, for a fuller explanation of where we’re at.

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