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On Sunday 11th November, we shared essential websites on giftedness at our Twitter chat, #gtie. As usual, through the collaboration of people from all around the globe, we came up with an impressive collection. It’s hard to know how to group them, but I hope the list below is useful. […]

50 Essential Websites on Giftedness

Gifted and Talented Network Ireland Invitation to Parents Saturday 24th November The Zero One Restaurant under DCU Library Are you struggling to cope with the challenges of raising your gifted child? Would it help to talk to other parents of gifted children?

Invitation to Meet

On Sunday 4th November, we discussed “Gifted Research: Who to Read and Why”. Rather than go through the actual chat, I have organised the references below under six headings: Models/Theories of Giftedness Psychology of Giftedness Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted Teaching Strategies G&T Educational Policy International […]

Gifted Education Research

On Sunday October 28th, the topic for our Twitter chat, #gtie, was “Gifted School Leavers: Deciding What to Do”. It turned out to be a lively and interesting discussion. After a little detail for background, I have tried to arrange the tweets so that they make sense…I hope I have succeeded! […]

Gifted School Leavers: Deciding What To Do