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If there is a particular topic which you would like to discuss at #gtie this Sunday, now’s your chance to suggest it. A vote for the final topic will take place later in the week…watch this space. Suggest a topic for #gtie Gifted Chat from Ireland Sunday 1st April – 9pm […]

Topics for discussion on Sunday 1st April

To celebrate the final day of Gifted Education Awareness Week, we are honoured to have an article written specially by Dr Tracy L Cross, the Jody and Layton Smith Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education and the Executive Director of the Center for Gifted Education at The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia. […]

Common Endogenous Characteristics of Gifted Students

Today, we have two more articles dedicated to GEAW 2012. 1. Gifted Education in South Korea by Tim Dracup aka Gifted Phoenix This post reviews the development of gifted education policy and practice in South Korea. Part One covers the development and operation of Korean gifted and talented education at […]

Gifted Education Awareness Week: Day 4