Many people write Twitter off as a load of old nonsense and a platform for people to swap details of their breakfast. Once you learn how to use it, Twitter is in fact a fantastic way to meet new people and learn new things about areas which interest you. The network that you build up is called your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

For those of us with an interest in giftedness and gifted education, it is invaluable as a means of interacting with others both from Ireland and from all around the globe. There is a vast pool of knowledge, expertise and experience for you to tap into with ease and you will find a warm welcome.

Although it’s in need of some updating, if you haven’t tried Twitter before, this Twitter Guide will help to get you started.

Peter Lydon (@peter_lydon) hosts an Irish gifted Twitter chat each Sunday evening at 9pm Irish time, using the tag #gtie. The chats are then summarised for this blog using the  questions presents, issues raised and contributions made by #gtie tweeps.


(Scroll to 21:00/20:00, depending on the time of year, for start of chats)


14th April: Support for Teachers of Gifted Students

7th April: The Why and How of Gifted Support Groups

24th March: The Gifted Phoenix Manifesto on Gifted Education

10th March: The Trouble With Boys

3rd March: Which Bit of “Gifted” Don’t You Understand? Definitions and Details

24th February: ‎High Achiever vs Gifted: What’s the difference?

17th February: Perfectionism

10th February: The Asynchronous Child

3rd February: Gifted: Who You Are Or What You Do?

27th January: Pushy Parent Antidote: Tell Tale Signs of Gifted Students for Teachers

20th January: Parents’ Experience of Rearing Gifted Children

13th January: Coming to Terms: Gifted Adults

6th January: Understanding and Providing for the Gifted Elementary Pupil


16th December: Twice Exceptional Children

9th December: Mythillogical: belief versus the reality of giftedness

2nd December: This house believes ‘Intensities’ is the defining characteristic of giftedness

25th November: Dear Teacher, My child is gifted and I wanted you to know…

18th November: Gifted and Talented Policy Choices for Schools

11th November: Essential Websites for Giftedness

4th November: Gifted Education Research: Who To Read and Why

28th October: Gifted School Leavers; Deciding What To Do

21st October: Giftedness as a Special Educational Need

14th October: Gifted Girls

7th October: Gifted Children and Tests

24th June: Social Issues of Gifted Adolescents

17th June: Gifted Children and Creativity

10th June: Gifted Children and Social Difficulties (Starts at 20:30)

3rd June: Getting Kids Off To a Good Start in Primary School

20th May: Gifted Children and Boredom

13th May: The Joy of Giftedness

29th April: Top 5 Give-Away Signs of Giftedness For Teachers

22nd April: Cyberbullying and Gifted Education

15th April: Role Models for Gifted Children

8th April: Challenging Underachievement in Gifted Children

1st April: Identification: Does It Matter?

25th March: Public Education and GT Kids…Which Countries Support Them Best?

18th March: Over-excitabilities for Beginners

11th March: Asynchronous Development

4th March: Gifted Children: An Introduction for Parents

26th February: Developing Gifted Education Awareness

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