Gifted and Talented Network Ireland

Gifted and Talented Network Ireland is Ireland’s national network of advocates and Gifted Advocacy Support groups for Gifted children in Ireland.

Created by Peter Lydon, GT Network Ireland advocates for the educational needs of gifted children and enables parents of gifted children find support.

GT Network Ireland a non-profit, voluntary organisation and currently receives no financial support.

Gifted children and Gifted adults

There are  31,000 Gifted children in Ireland. Gifted children have specific educational, social and emotional needs that are, in general, not addressed currently in schools. The absence of specific training during Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and the absence of specific school policies has a profound effect on the educational attainment of gifted children and by extension, their social and emotional well-being. The effects of this follows gifted children into adulthood and often for life. Often, Gifted adults only found out they were gifted when they had children and discovered they were gifted.

GT Network Ireland aims

  • to help parents network with other parents to share experience and expertise.
  • to be proactive in our advocacy on behalf of gifted children so that their educational needs, and by extension, their social and emotional needs are met in schools.
  • to advocate for specific Initial Teacher Education in the needs of gifted children.
  • to advocate for the inclusion of the needs of gifted children in school policies.
  • to seek the support of and to liaise with education partners in achieving these objectives.

Membership of Gifted and Talented Network Ireland is open to individuals and organisations (eg. Gifted Advocacy Support groups) who support the aims of GT Network. Membership is free. You can add your name to our register here.

If you can contribute to how GT Network Ireland develops, financially, practically or otherwise, please contact us here Gifted and Talented Network Ireland

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