The Gift Gets Giftier

This is the thing.
There is the gift. At first, it’s not so hard. Parents can keep up. Teachers may cope a bit better. First grade, second grade, no major issue (perhaps!).
Maybe there’s only so much learning a 5 year old may do.
But the gift gets giftier.
The intensity grows.
The more the gifted child learns, the more they have to share.

The more they have to share.

Maybe a gifted child gets to an age where they can progress on their own, when self-containment might look like a possibility?
Then, just then, the gift gets giftier.

No man is an island. Yet daily gifted children are made islands.
Maybe ‘it’ will go away (as I heard a parent once).
If we ‘don’t feed the monster….’.

But it never goes away. It may get buried. But it never goes away.
It stays around, getting giftier all the time.
The gift gets giftier.


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