This is the thing. There is the gift. At first, it’s not so hard. Parents can keep up. Teachers may cope a bit better. First grade, second grade, no major issue (perhaps!). Maybe there’s only so much learning a 5 year old may do. But the gift gets giftier. The […]

The Gift Gets Giftier

This month, the first collection of creative writing from CTYI(Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland) is published. The anthology, Words To Tie To Bricks, was put together in an intensive writing workshop that took part during the 2013 summer programme and includes a range of poetry, prose and drama from fifteen teenage contributors, […]

Words To Tie To Bricks

It’s things like this that make our day! SPEAK – Supporting Parents of Exceptionally Able Kids  – is a support group that has grown out of GTNetwork contacts. Starting with informal meet-ups, they have organised a number of get-togethers for kids also. Centred in Athlone but drawing parents from much […]


This post is part of the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour. When it comes to getting schools to do something for gifted children, the problem is sometimes not the teacher but the curriculum. The use of the term ‘advocacy’ outside of legal circles is a fairly new one in […]

Advocacy versus Curriculum