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On Sunday 20th January, at #gtie, we shared Parents’ Experience of Rearing Gifted Children. Parenting any child is never plain sailing. For parents of gifted children, there is an extra layer on top. Whilst it is exciting and fun at times, it can also be a very worrying, frustrating and isolating experience. […]

Parents’ Experience of Rearing Gifted Children

At #gtie on Sunday 6th January, we discussed “Understanding and providing for the Gifted Elementary Pupil“. There many views and resources shared and I hope you will find the summary below useful. Many thanks to those who participated. The questions addressed were: What does a gifted primary school/elementary pupil look […]

The Gifted Elementary Pupil

This post is the result of #gtie on December 16th, Many thanks to those who contributed. Teachers can change the school and indeed, life experience of gifted children when they recognise them in the classroom. Teachers who see past the learning difficulties with which some gifted children struggle, can change a child’s […]

Change a Life – Twice!