New Book – Gifted Education in Ireland and the United States

The Centre for Talented Youth Ireland based in Dublin City University, Ireland today launched ‘Gifted Education in Ireland and the United States‘ in collaboration with the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA.

Edited by Dr. Jennifer H. Robbins, this book is to my knowledge, the first collection of articles specifically on Gifted education published in Ireland. It draws on the work of researchers in CTYI and in the Center for Gifted Education at William and Mary.

Running to just over 200 pages, the book contains 8 chapters on the history of gifted education in Ireland and in the USA, on acceleration in Ireland, high ability students from disadvantaged backgrounds, internet resources and on curriculum and programming. There is also a chapter on the significant issue of social and emotional needs of gifted children.

Image of Professor Deborah Eyre, Dr. Colm O'Reilly, Dr. Jennifer Riedl Cross.
(L-R) Professor Deborah Eyre, Dr. Colm O’Reilly, Dr. Jennifer Riedl Cross.

The book, launched by Professor Deborah Eyre, represents a second milestone in gifted education in Ireland, following on from CTYI’s publication of the results of an investigation into teacher beliefs and practices published in December 2014.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this book. Gifted education in Ireland remains a neglected field. While the number of researchers is growing, there is an enormous need to challenge prevailing myths about gifted children and their entitlement to an appropriate education, and to provide teachers with dedicated training in the field.

Gifted education in Ireland and the United States is an opportunity for educators who care to began their engagement with this field.

Congratulations to all the authors – Dr. Colm’ O’Reilly, Director of CTYI, Dr. Catriona Ledwith, Dr. Eleanor Hellion, Dr. Joe O’Hara, and Stuart Kehoe of DCU and Dr. Tracy L. Cross, Dr. Kimberly L. Chandler, Dr. Jennifer H. Robins, Dr. Mihyeon Kim, and Dr. Jennifer Riedl Cross of the College of William and Mary – for this invaluable contribution to gifted education.