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Teaching Gifted and Talented Students

Course Overview


Developed and run in partnership with the Irish Centre for Talented Youth, Dublin City University, this course is designed to enable teachers and other professionals to identify and respond to the needs of gifted and talented students. The course is also popular with parents of gifted children.

Controversy has surrounded definitions of giftedness and exceptional ability but the reality is that these students are neither as rare nor as easy to identify as is often supposed; exceptionally able or talented students form roughly 10% of the overall student population.

A comprehensive course of more than 20 hours duration, it tackles the myths surrounding giftedness and offers very practical strategies and skills for identifying students with advanced capabilities and talents and responding to their diverse educational needs. While most of the emphasis is on students with advanced academic abilities, the needs of students whose talents lie in other areas, such as those who may be creatively gifted, are also examined. The focus is broad and inclusive and is meant to encompass students with advanced abilities across a range of domains. Summarising current research and best practice and wide ranging in its scope, this course offers a sound foundation to anyone interested in the education of gifted and talented youngsters.

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