Gifted Education Awareness Week: Day 5

Today’s guest post comes from Pittsburgh:

Irish Gifted Education Awareness Week … May the Road Rise to Meet You! by Lisa Conrad

It is an honor to be invited to guest blog for Irish Gifted Awareness Week 2012. This year’s theme is “Gifted Children Inside and Outside the Classroom”. As a frequent contributor to a gifted chat on Twitter, I have been privileged to get to know many people in the gifted community in Ireland. My own interest in global gifted education initiatives further prompted me to learn more aboutIreland’s current state of affairs with regard to this community. Continue reading…

Lisa is a gifted education consultant to parents of newly-identified gifted children enabling them to understand how the system can best address the needs of their child. She has worked in education for the past 9 years and writes at Gifted Parenting Support.

Tomorrow is the CTYI conference at DCU. There is a great line-up of speakers, including our own Peter Lydon! We will have a stand there, so be sure and drop by to say hello. Here is the timetable: CTYI Conference 2012 Timetable

Finally, we have a very special guest blogpost lined up for tomorrow, so don’t forget to come back!