Gifted Education Awareness Week: Day 3

Today sees the first of our guest blogposts from around the world. We are very grateful to our international friends for their kind support and encouragement

1. Five Ways to Survive Raising a Gifted Kid by Jen Merrill.

I have one, chances are if you’re reading this you have one…I’m not talking about navels, but gifted kids. They do not permit navel gazing by their parents, no no no… These amazing children are far too intense, questioning, and demanding for the respite of parental navel gazing. No rest for the weary! Or is there? Surely there’s a way we can survive raising a gifted or twice-exceptional child to adulthood without sacrificing our sanity along with our time and bank accounts? Continue reading…

Jen writes Laughing at Chaos where she takes a humourous and sometimes irreverent look at raising twice exceptional children. Her posts are always a tonic and a visit to her blog is highly recommended!

2. My Country is the World by Roya Klingner

Last Summer we organised a virtual Summercamp for gifted kids from all around the world. In this project I had the opportunity to meet a young boy from Irland. He was not just very creative and created a lot of virtual things in our world but he was a fantastic gifted child. Sometimes when I saw what he did, I just had a wish in my heart to create a real world like this virtual to give these talented kids the possibility to shine and show their abilities. Continue reading…

Roya is the head and founder of the Global Centre for Gifted and Talented Children. She runs a series of Global Virtual Meetings in Second Life which are free to all and often  include presentations by well known international experts on giftedness.