Developing Support Groups

Support groups are a great way for parents to get together and let off steam. They provide an opportunity to speak to others who may be experiencing similar difficulties to your own and who may have found solutions. It is a huge relief to discover that your children are actually “normal” after all!

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We believe that we now have enough people registered to get a couple more local support groups going. We have realised that using county boundaries is not the best way to organise groups. So, we are asking everyone to let us know where, precisely, they are located and how far they would be prepared to travel to meet with other parents of gifted children occasionally. Each balloon on the map above represents one person on our register. If you click on them, you will see where they are. If only the county is mentioned, they could be anywhere within that county. However, some people have now provided more details and their balloons are accurately placed. Why don’t you take a look and see if there is anyone near you?

If you would like to be included in any new groups that emerge, please make sure you have registered. Then drop us a line to let us know where you are based and if it is ok to share your email address with other interested parents in your area. If you know of other parents who may be interested, let them know we are here to help.

If you are a teacher, you are very welcome to be involved. We would also appreciate it if you would invite the parents of any of your gifted students to sign up. If you would like to network with other interested teachers, please consider signing up to TEACH Ireland.

Catherine Riordan

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