Words To Tie To Bricks


This month, the first collection of creative writing from CTYI(Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland) is published. The anthology, Words To Tie To Bricks, was put together in an intensive writing workshop that took part during the 2013 summer programme and includes a range of poetry, prose and drama from fifteen teenage contributors, with a foreword from CTYI director Dr. Colm O’Reilly.

Editor and creative writing teacher Claire Hennessy says, “I don’t see this anthology at all as a celebration of aptitude, of potential, in the same way that the summer programme in its entirety isn’t about a bunch of kids and teenagers swanning around thinking they’re great and resting on their laurels. It’s a celebration of what happens when you take that talent and nurture it, and challenge it, and develop it. It’s true in the writing world and it’s true in life – talent alone will only get ctyi logoyou so far.”

More information on Words To Tie To Bricks can be found at wordstotietobricks or contact CTYI (ctyi@dcu.ie) for further information. The proceeds from the anthology will go towards St Michael’s House